St Hilaire's mission to HOME!

Hi All!

We are very excited that we've been pre-approved for our first home loan! Jermain and I have been vigorously working on our credit for the last 3 months to make this happen, although we didn’t think it would happen this quickly we are elated! Currently, Jermain is our only source of income until I graduate in November 2020 to pursue a career as a Medical Assistant, I'm also currently looking for part-time employment. One of the hardest parts of home-ownership is now among us, the down payment; coming up with such a huge lump sum can at one time can be difficult. We have about 2k saved but we will need about 3k more for our down payment, inspections, an appraisal,  and miscellaneous other costs of the home buying process. We are exhausting any and all options to make our this happen for our family. If you can help us on this journey in any way we will be immensely grateful and thankful!

Thank you!

The St. Hilaire’s 




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