Sichley House to Home

Welcome to our nest!

As we look ahead to saying, "I do" and blending our households, I look toward at all it takes to make a house a home.


While I recognize that Jeremy and I juggle complicated life details each day, my heart and mind wander off to the shared space of our future home...our complete family under one to sit on a couch that fits our needs, with (hopefully) more space for the kids in their rooms, decor-makeovers to put a fresh spin on bedrooms...newer towels, maybe a new skillet or bigger bikes.


Right now, we're just grateful to be heading toward a single path, together. Ready to be a family of 5.


As you choose, you're invited to help feather our nest in celebration of our upcoming wedding. With a few needs and many wishes, it would be fun to budget toward some needed furniture or a refresh of the basics. As we make our house a home, you are welcome to share this moment with us.


Thank you for thinking of us.


Jeremy and Larissa

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