our crash pad
We’re best friends, twin flames, soulmates, and recently roommates. And our next goal is to be homeowners! We have been dating for just over 5 years, and have been through just about everything together. Family problems, mental health crises, lost friends, COVID, you name it. However, through all of it, we have only grown closer and stronger. Every time one of us gets knocked down, we’re there to help each other up. On the other hand, it’s been 5 years of laughs, home-concerts, video game tournaments, youtube marathons, and basically endless sleepovers. It feels like our lives have been building up to this, and we are so ready to dive in headfirst!

Our goal is to create a safe space for ourselves and anyone or anything else who might need it. As animal lovers, we intend to buy a house with a large backyard, so we can offer a home for the animals who need one! As people lovers, consider our house a crash pad when you need a safe space to land. We also want to start a garden, so you can start putting in your requests for home-grown fruits and veggies!

We set the goal to be enough to cover the down payment and closing costs, minus the amount in savings that we already have. Our intention by starting this page is to invest in our future, but more importantly to start building a stable source of support for others. We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our friends and family, and all we want is to pay it forward. If you can, please consider donating! If not, we will be just fine! Thank you so much for reading, and we are really looking forward to starting this new chapter in our lives.


Kayla Barton

Calhoun, GA

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