Mariana & Jonathan’s Crestline Home
Thank you for considering contributing to a down payment on our first home! As a newlywed couple, we eagerly hope to settle into a new home together directly or soon after our wedding in June. We recently started seriously inquiring into houses in the Crestline area. We chose Crestline because it especially appeals to our deep spiritual connection with nature and resonates with our desire to reside within a solid Christian community. 


As we embark on this new chapter in our lives, we are finding creative ways to make ends meet for our future goals. One of these, we have decided, is kindly asking people to consider setting aside whatever they would see fit to spend on a wedding gift and contributing that amount instead to our down payment fund. Although we know that sometimes guests prefer to be remembered by specific home-warming gifts, we feel that God is inviting us to put our trust in Him to secure our first home for us sooner rather than later. With our hard-earned savings, plus Jonathan’s new job with an accounting firm helping him to qualify for an FHA loan, we are just within reach of being able to secure a home that’s suitable for our needs ... but help from friends and family would be *just* the extra push that’s needed for us to really make this a reality in the next few months. 


We are currently in the process of placing an offer on the home imaged here. Featuring a rustic aesthetic, it warms our hearts with its wood-burning stove, natural lighting, wood paneling, and nestled-in master bedroom. Since we know that God is calling us to have children early on in our marriage, the two children’s bedrooms in this house are important to us, and we love the idea of our family being situated just a fifteen-minute walk away from Lake Gregory. 


Please prayerfully consider offering whatever you can give, but know that your prayers for our future home and are just as meaningful as a monetary gift. If you would strongly prefer to purchase us a more traditional wedding gift, we also gladly welcome receiving whatever you feel you can give from the heart.  


Whatever God’s plan, we can’t wait to open the door of our future home to you and everyone else who have been a faithful support to us. The joy of our marriage is not limited to only June 12th; we see ourselves hosting many families and friends over for fellowship and fun in our future home. Thank you for being with us on this journey. We eagerly anticipate seeing you on our wedding day!


Jonathan & Mariana 


Mariana Miranda

Riverside, California

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