Help us fund our new house!

Hi Everybody!

If you're here, that means you made it to what you might call our "wedding registry".

Instead of having all of you blow your hard-earned money on toasters, blenders, placemats, "bath stuff" and other miscellaneous things we more than likely don't need, we decided we would rather have you help us with something much, much more important, a down payment on a new house for us to live in.

Traci and I are tired of the apartment living here in Plano and we want to be able to take this next big step in our lives with your help!

You can give as much or as little as you want, every penny you donate helps. The site charges a 5% fee, so ideally, if we reach our $5,500 goal, we'd have $5,000 which together with our savings would be enough for us to afford a whole lotta house.

Since this thing looks a bit like Kickstarter, I figured I'd up the ante - for everyone who contributes to our house here, we'll have you guys sign a separate poster we'll have at the wedding that we'll then put somewhere in our house, so that we can always be reminded of the people who helped us! :)

Thanks so much for helping make our dream come true!

-Dan & Traci


Daniel Barros

Plano, Texas

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