Dreams of Affordable Housing in a Gentrifying City


My name is TiAna. I am a young black woman and native Washingtonian. As a college freshman, I was inspired by my business professor’s lecture on the benefits of homeownership. From that moment on, I knew homeownership was a dream of mine that I am determined to make a reality. My aspiration is to create a legacy of generational wealth, financial stability and positive change.

At the age of 24, I purchased my first home in Southeast Washington, D.C. Signs of gentrification were subtle in 2013 but are hardly avoidable today in most of the city. Gentrification and rising home prices have made my dream of investing in real estate more urgent, as I strive to purchase and keep a piece of Southeast D.C. black-owned and affordable.

My goal is to purchase an investment property in my local community. This property will be managed ethically, legally and provide an affordable housing opportunity to one or more of the many residents that are being displaced due to the rising cost of living. Please help me be the change I would like to see in my community and contribute to my down payment fund. No donation is too small, and all contributions are greatly appreciated.


TiAna J.

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