Down Payment For Our New Nest

July 11, 2019 marked the day that I really started my transition from victim of my circumstances and situations to really taking control and living my life on purpose. You hear the phrase, but what does it really mean? 

For me, that means living the life I had only in the past thought about. I wanted it, but for some reason it felt, therefore it was, too out of reach. This day, I decided that I would do whatever it took to become the person I envisioned myself to be "when I grew up" and living an abundant and peaceful life, for myself AND for those around me. 

Now, things have not been easy, they've been EXTREMELY uncomfortable! Recently we've had to move in with my mom. She has a 2 bedroom apartment and housing a family of 5 along with her and my brother (makes 7) here has been a bit crowded to say the least. Her landlord agreed to allow us to stay here for a couple months but is not a long term solution. I've reached out to many non-profit and government agencies but many of their resources are limited for those who are technically "Homeless", living in their car or on the actual street. Our family is just ready to have a place of our own we can call home.

But I’ve learned so much in this process. Gratitude is among the things I have learned. Being grateful for the things that I have, the people who support me, the friends and family members who love me has allowed me to be open and willing to receive new blessings. The more I am grateful; the more blessings and abundance comes my way.

Today, I am grateful to announce my first-time home buying journey! Owning a home has always been something I've wanted for my kids. A place they knew they would have forever, a place they knew we wouldn’t have to move away from in 1-2 years, a shelter when they need it no matter how old they get. An investment opportunity that not only provides for our immediate needs but also the capacity to continue to provide in the future.


We are asking for help towards our down payment. ALL funds received will go towards the deposit of our lease to own option with WMT Investments. Any additional information required about the company is available upon request.

I'm grateful that someone has found it in their hearts to extend to us this opportunity. A younger couple owns a real estate business and has devoted their business resources to helping people like me own their own home. I have no doubt that all this was a divine connection.

I am also grateful for friends, family members, business partners, and even random strangers who are so supportive. Thank you so much for donating to this cause! Isaiah, NiyahBelle, Malieki, Mitch and I truly appreciate every donation made. We are obsessively grateful.


JC Morgan

Columbus, Ohio

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