Dad of Two Needs a Place To Live

We are looking for your support to purchase a home of our own. I am a divorced dad of two, a girl and boy. The only thing I left my marriage with was my children. I had to completely start over. We are living with family, and the cost of purchasing a condo or townhome in Los Angeles where we live is impossible. I am employed and the average cost of rent would be more than half of my paycheck. We really need a home of our own. Nothing fancy, just a house that we can make a home. Some place that we can call ours. My kids have to share a tiny room and I would love for them to have their own space. I work extra as much as I can, but it is simply not enough. This dream feels impossible to reach. But as a father I have swallowed my pride and I am asking for your help. I've been blessed with two great kids, and I hope, pray, and try to give them a better living environment than they have now. Any donation, no matter how big or small, would be highly appreciated.



Los Angeles, California

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