Casa de la Rana Rosa
Dear Dreamers, Achievers and Gratitude Vixens! If Old Palm Springs and Apache Junction charm had a love child.... think cow hide rugs, orange velvet chaise lounge, buttery yellow leather easy chair, soft sage plaid kitchen accents, wooden carved native man and wife, local accents of cactus and bright desert flowers. Think soft French Classical music floating thru, dancing with the smell of home made soup and lazy frenchies snoring in the sun. Tile flooring and 60s green bathroom tile. Built-In shelving and hidden storage bins. Little hidden treasures of the 50-60s desert community architecture. That's my dream of my first house. I have a grand story. I'm going to get my dream house. The challenge is the Arizona housing market and getting into it in time before the bubble bursts. Who is feeling this vibe with me? I need a little help from my friends.

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