2 Acre Homestead + Community Garden

Hi, thank you for checking out our campaign to fund the purchase and development of a 2 Acre community homestead and garden.
My name is Arnaud and I am a Real Estate investor in Houston, TX. My company has decided to try a new method of community development that we have been working on for a while now; using crowd funding instead of traditional hard money lenders.

The project is simple; buy a 2 acre piece of vacant undeveloped land, build an apartment complex on it for rent, and then build a community garden around it for organic community produced produce.

We have already identified and secured the land. All we need now is to begin the project.

we are currently revising and choosing construction plans, vetting builders and scouting the site for utilities and access.

If you'd like to be part of this novel kind of real estate investing and adventure, then jump right in.




Houston, Texas

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