Master Of Mom Talks Crowd Funding

On September 24, 2014

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Master of Mom featured Feather The Nest is a post about crowd funding a down payment or a home improvement on her site. She is also raising money with her very own nest to save for a home on the site!

Here is what she had to say about Feather The Nest:

I think they are amazing. This site isn’t just a lifesaver for those who are looking to fund a down-payment… it’s a great source for funding home-repairs and renovation projects too! Feather The Nest was thought up as a way to help people achieve their home ownership & maintenance goals by using the greatest resource that all “nesters” already have: the support of friends and family.

When you break it down, the average person probably has about 10-20 family members they would describe as “close”, and 10-20 friends that they could say are always there for them. If you suppose that each of these people gives even one gift worth $10 twice per year (which is probably underestimating it by a long-shot) then a single person has a possible $400-$800 in gifts coming in each year. If you add in a spouse and a couple of kids, the number increases to around $3000 that your family probably receives (every year!) in gifts. (Kind of crazy to think about, isn’t it!?)

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