Engaged Couple Makes Down Payment Top Priority

On May 9, 2015

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Getting married? Skip the Fancy Plates and Ask For A down Payment instead

In a recent article on down payment registries for weddings on real estate website Realtor.com, Feather The Nest user Daniel Barros shared his reasons for creating a down payment registry on our site.


Here is what Daniel shared in the article.

Twenty-five-year-old Daniel Barros and his fiancée, Traci Whiting, 24, of Plano, TX, are getting married in October. When they started thinking about setting up a gift registry, they were struck by the reality of their living situation.

“We live in an 800-square-foot apartment,” Barros said. “Even if we wanted a bunch of wedding presents, we wouldn’t have anywhere to put them. Getting that down payment together is our top priority, and we’re grateful for any amount our friends and family are willing to give to make that happen.”

And as more people like Daniel think asking for a lot of swanky home items for your registry if you don’t have any where to put them is putting the cart before the horse – Feather The Nest is here to help you raise money for your down payment.

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