Crowd fund wedding registry could mean $7k for your downpayment

On October 19, 2014

Categories: As Seen In lays out how crowd funding your gift registry can help you save $7,000 for your down payment in recent article featuring Feather The Nest.

But current couples have been waiting longer to marry and 3 out of 4 are living together before they say “I do.”

As a result, they have more than enough stuff to fill a home long before they tie the knot. It’s the home they need help with.

The high-tech way to solve that problem is to create an online registry where friends and family can take the money they plan to spend on a wedding gift and collectively put it toward the down payment on a house.

Let’s say 75 guests attend your wedding and are willing to spend an average of $100 on a gift. If you direct those friends and relatives to a crowdsourcing registry, you could wind up with $7,125 toward your down payment ($7,500 less $325 in fees).

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