ABC News Says: When Money Is Tight, Feather The Nest

On September 25, 2014

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ABC News profiled Feather The Nest in a recent article about funding a down payment.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

It’s a common conundrum. You want to buy a house or make improvements on your current one, but there’s just no money in the bank to make your dream home dreams a reality. If only you could ask your friends or family for money.

Is that too awkward? Maybe not.

Enter Feather the Nest, the latest in a line of real estate crowd funding sites designed to allow “nesters” to set a financial goal online and ask friends and family to contribute. It’s certainly an option at traditional gift-giving times of life — like a wedding for a couple already fully stocked with kitchen gadgets — but increasingly, couples whose weddings were many years and several kids ago are using the site as a way to ask for funds without, you know, asking for funds.

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