5 Reasons Why A Home Is the Greatest Gift You Can Ask For

On December 16, 2014

Categories: Saving Tips

At the holidays everyone is trying to think of the best, creative, thoughtful present to give the people they care about in their lives. And even though our family and friends have good intentions, they are sometimes the worst gift givers.

The best way to get what you want for the holidays is to ASK for it and give the people who care about you an easy way to give it to you. So this year the best gift you can ask for is…a home.

If you’ve been dreaming about buying your own home,  renovating your kitchen or adding a bathroom to the downstairs this is your chance to get those projects started. Whether you have already started saving or would like to start, you can set up a fund online that will allow your friends and family to donate to your real estate dream. And what better time than at the holidays in lieu of presents?

Not sure your family will be excited about donating to your house fund? Here are five reasons why this is a great gift.

Home is the best gift ever

Its one less trip to the mall

The parking, the lines to pay, going to 10 different stores – no thanks. Asking for donations to a house fund makes giving you a gift easy for them. They can donate online with their credit card. It will only take them 5 minutes and they can do it at the last minute from their phone while they are waiting in line to pay for a sweater they bought your sister.

Its affordable

Gifts are expensive it can be easy to get wrapped up in the holidays and spend too much. Your friends and family will appreciate the opportunity to choose their own donation amount as a gift $20, $50, $100. And the beauty of raising this money online on a crowd funding site is that they can see how much the small donations added up to.

Its meaningful

A gift is a way to show people that we care about them and so by definition we want them to be meaningful to those we give them to.  But how many presents can you say still have to you meaning 5 years later? Not too many. Helping fund a down payment or a home renovation will have lasting meaning.

Its something you really need.

Most gifts you receive are something that you want, well something your sister thought you might want. But for most of us – rarely do you receive something you really need. Donations to a home fund are in the present sweet spot of being both something you want and something you need.

Its a more creative way to give cash

The one gift everyone wants is cash, but to the gift-giver that doesn’t seem tangible enough. Who wants to give you money that you are going to use to buy groceries? That’s not a good gift. But if you ask for donations to a specific fund like down payment or even a fund to redo your kitchen, gift-givers feel are in essence giving cash but with the tangibility and creativity of a present.


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